Monday, November 10, 2008


This here's a photo from a week ago tomorrow. It seems like so long ago now, and I'm just getting it off the camera. It was taken after our trip to the O office downtown, where we stuck a cell phone to an ear each, held our breaths, and tried about 75 times each to become the last person someone talked to before they headed out to vote. It was awful, and I won't pretend otherwise. I still after all these years (the first one was 1979 or so) hate calling strangers on the telephone. This is how I know that there's something special about this particular candidate. For the possibility associated with not every candidate would I put myself through this kind of trial.

The photography here is subtle - the I Voted for Change sticker is obscured by the jean jacket, so you won't know who this voted chose, and the Vote Here sign obscured by its wearer. We also, of course, had voted many days before, but wanted to be sure we had a picture with the sign. The batteries died before we could get one with the whole sign. But it was a big day, it was.

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