Thursday, November 20, 2008

Old Dogs and New Tricks, Part Two

I haven't been writing because my stupid fingers don't like typing and/or writing all the time and they've taken to swelling up and sending little zaps of pain up into my shoulders. Nice.

But oddly enough, they're not bothered by SEWING.

I know that sewing's not really a new trick. It's more of a new-to-me trick. And I definitely feel like something of an old dog. Be impressed. Be very impressed. Not only did I reattach the top button, I detached and reattached the other two as well....

Dude! Video! Two new tricks in one post!


Martha said...

Where is the video of the legos!!!

Jonathan B. said...

How do I know you did that? Where's the video of you sewing? Tomorrow I'm just going to post a video of my pant and say "look, I just made an entire pair of jeans from scratch in my home using nothing but denim and my bare hands." Of course, they will have been made not by me, but by the crack team of Indonesian children I keep on hand for clothing repairs and contract work. But I will claim the pants work as my own, because on the Internet, nobody knows you can't sew. But I know you can't, Meredith Pennington Collins. I know you can't.

And where IS that video of the legos? You know, the ones you made yourself in your home-built polyethylene extruder and portable injection molder?

Mere said...

Good point. At least you have proof of the video. I think I'm going to have to do some ironing this weekend, so perhaps I'll redeem myself with footage of that, considering that I'd be willing to wager you don't believe I can do that either. Which would also be a fair assessment. And perhaps next week, we'll get on the Lego footage, though J. thinks that it's pretty hilarious to go to the trouble of filming something with zero action and I may have found my niche.

Anonymous said...

Oh, ever the wise Jonathan.

Definitely one of the. most. compelling. web videos. ever.