Friday, April 10, 2009


I'm just sitting here minding my own business when suddenly the whole house starts to heave. This is a considerable accomplishment on the part of the washing machine given that it's a four-family house.

Then, the recycling bin belonging to the upstairs neighbors is resting peacefully in the corner of their deck one minute and then the next, aided by what seems like a gentle breeze, suddenly goes tearing across the deck, clambers all the way down the flight of stairs, across our deck, down our deck stairs, along the sidewalk, and into the street. Furiously. It tumbles in such a way that if anyone had, for example, been driving in the street at the time, they'd have likely swerved into a parked car to avoid its attack.

I wouldn't bother to mention it, except that this behavior on the part of the washing machine and the recycling bin so closely resembled the behavior I observed in several people behind the wheels of their cars this morning, I had to suspect it wasn't just that the neighbors were overfilling things and leaving their recycling bins unsecured but rather that something is askew in the universe today and it's causing everything to go entirely topsy-ass-turvy.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Part Three, and First Snow

I'm reading the most unexpectedly satisfying book. I think it's the first time I've read something that could be described as academic and heady that also left me with a palpable sense of optimism and, frankly, soulfulness. I don't even like to hear myself write things like that, but it's undeniable. It's Daniel Greenberg and Russell Ackoff's book about why schools and education aren't working. And what we're not thinking about when we try to make them better. Maybe it's just that I don't mind this kind of writing when it's about something I think about a lot, or maybe it's that a big part of what they're saying has to do with art, and how we've all got it in us even though we spend most of our time on other things. Either way, I can't believe I'm reading it so fast, and I very much enjoyed the combination of it and the little bit of snow we're getting this morning. I almost forgot to worry about how it took until December 7th for the white stuff to start falling.

Oh, and I was supposed to post this photo several days ago. Michele says it seems less believable because it's not taken at home, and it's even harder to believe that I'd iron in a public area than in the privacy of my own home, but this was before our performance in New Haven. I'm sure you'll find it easier to believe that I was ironing costumes than my own clothing.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Old Dogs and New Tricks, Part Two

I haven't been writing because my stupid fingers don't like typing and/or writing all the time and they've taken to swelling up and sending little zaps of pain up into my shoulders. Nice.

But oddly enough, they're not bothered by SEWING.

I know that sewing's not really a new trick. It's more of a new-to-me trick. And I definitely feel like something of an old dog. Be impressed. Be very impressed. Not only did I reattach the top button, I detached and reattached the other two as well....

Dude! Video! Two new tricks in one post!