Thursday, November 15, 2007


My students, all along the way while I was teaching, used to give me the hardest time when I would say "Oh. This is one of my favorites." I'd be talking about books. They'd say "You always say that. They can't all be your favorites."

Perhaps. But sometimes it really seems like so many are. Tonight in the car on the way back from hearing Cheryl Wheeler – one of my favorites – perform, I kept saying "Oh - that song with the part about... that is really one of my favorites." I was thinking, just now, that that's kind of a good problem to have. Too many favorites.


megin said...


lilykmorris said...

I was just looking for my Cheryl Wheeler CD a few weeks ago, wanting to hear "When fall comes to New England..." but I think I may have given it to my dad cause I NEVER listened to it. Silly me.

Katie said...

ohhh. i cant believe you got to see cheryl wheeler. that is such an awesome, non-parent thing to do (though I did get to go out last a LECTURE).