Monday, November 26, 2007

Catching UP

So. We hit the road on Saturday the 16th, and hadn't any internet access along the way. Hence, no posting. I'm back now, though, and plan to post enough to make up for the missed days. I have lots of photos to include, but I'm also catching up on novel pages with the Friday deadline fast approaching, so I may be a bit slow on the upload. Very funny. Ha, ha.

Missed you all and your commenting. More soon, including recent tax news, further career aspirations, and how the tomato plant grew while we were gone.

1 comment:

megin said...

careers, tomatoes, taxes, oh my! well, not so much oh my about the taxes but oh ugh (knowing about it already, as i do, wink wink).

but the tomato growing, now that's some news of which i can't wait to hear tell.

write, woman, write!

(oh, and glad you're "back")
(oh, and i like that double entendre about your back, given the old blog name and all...)