Wednesday, January 9, 2008

54 Degrees and Sunny, note date

Well, it doesn't get much uglier than this. Most of the snow has melted, which leaves only that which is encrusted with dirt and other junk the plows were able to gather up. There aren't any leaves on the trees, except for the ones that kept waiting in vain for the end of autumn and then froze to their tree limbs when suddenly it was below zero. Those are brown, of course. And then there's the driveway markers, strewn about like a giant game of pick up sticks gone terribly wrong. Plus it's trash day which means that the front yard is littered with building neighbor trash cans, and the back yard is littered with the trash the next door neighbors can't be bothered to set out, in favor of waiting until it looks like an actual dump out there and they can justify calling in an actual dump truck to cart it all away. With the sun to illuminate it all and temperatures that make you want to go out in it. It's cruel, really. Among other things.

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Lovette said...

Keep up the good work.