Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Occasional Art

One of my favorite things about Portland is First Friday Art Walk. My favorite thing about it is the walking, and how lots of people come out at the same time and mill around in the city. My least favorite thing about it is the art. I don't like most things offered up as "art." Not because I don't think they're art. I just don't like them.

So I thought I better post because I found two arts in one month that I liked. Actually more than that, as there were multiple artists in the first case. Here is a link, in case you are interested in what kind of art I don't not like.

Then, we were at the farmer's market two weeks later and there was more art I didn't not like! A young woman from England had a couple of paintings and notecards on a small display at the edge of the market. We chatted with her a while and found, not much to our surprise, that we liked her as well as her art. I can't find her card just now, and she seems not to be the only one on the web with her name, so I'll have to add the link later.

Twice in one month!


Jonathan B. said...

I'm with you, Mere. I don't really know many people who aren't going to art school who like much of what passes for visual art these days. Most of it strikes me as gimmicky and cheap. I occasionally see something I like, and then I immediately feel bad for that artist, because I assume they are not appreciated and respected by their peers for being too "accessible."

Lynn said...

Me too... I either really really like a rare piece of art, or I experience utter indifference. Glad you saw some stuff that you didn't not like.