Thursday, September 11, 2008

November, approaching

In my bookmarks, this blog is still called November. I noted this just now as I was logging in to comment on the day because November's now looming large not because I have plans to write another novel (though I wouldn't put it past me) but because it looks like we're going to move, come said month. We don't know where, except that it'll be within working distance of Portland.

I woke up, not surprisingly, earlier than necessary this morning. I tried a new experiment in which I didn't bother fighting it but instead tried to study the awakeness. I kept saying really profound things to myself like "This is interesting. I wonder what this is about."

I didn't get anywhere with that, but I did get a fair amount of work, and craigslist browsing, done. Unfortunately, I also watched a clip of Matt Damon commenting on the McCain/Palin ticket in which he described it as the likes of a really bad Disney movie. I hadn't heard anyone actually say "President Palin," as he did in referring to the obviously terrifying prospect of her stepping in should McCain not make it through the term if elected. I was already terrified, but hearing him say it that way sunk it deeper still. I'm having a hard time not giving money to the Obama campaign every other minute.

After it had been a few hours I thought to look outside to see if it was time to get up yet. This is what I saw, expressed in limited fashion by my camera.

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