Friday, June 13, 2008

Friday afternoon

It's been more than two months since last I wrote, as lately I seem to have more to say about pedaling to work and back than anything else. But today I've seen a handful of my school-year kids for the last time, and the summer stretches out in front of me asking "what the heck are you going to do NOW for income?" Most days I'm overflowing with panic. Others, like today, somehow, perhaps thanks to a free and sunny Friday afternoon which seems to suggest that I've got plenty of time to figure it out, not so much. I could do anything, I think naively. I could write all summer and publish something in the fall! I could get an income-generating website going, finally. I could, for heaven's sake, advertise!

All that seems like a little much, though, and I just got an email from the local co-op folks that one of the farms is ready for pick-your-own strawberries. I'm even more excited than I might otherwise be for the picking because we've borrowed a chest freezer from mom to stow produce for the winter this year. Course, we have to keep it in the living room, and there's nowhere to put it except for in the corner where the TV sits, so we're about to have the whitest, tallest, fullest-of-produce entertainment center ever. I'm awfully grateful to have found a mate for whom such absurdities are not out of the question. I'll post photos once we get our new living room occupant settled in...

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